Negotiation Happens In Everyday Spaces

There are many ways we can improve the effectiveness of how we negotiate, communicate and manage conflict. It is lifework because we are never in the exact same situation twice. We continue to change over time through our different experiences and learning. We face different issues and challenges that we need to manage. We interact with different people at different times and the circumstances bringing us together are not the same. Ideally, we reflect and learn from each of these interactions and improve who we are and what we bring to our relationships in the process.

We offer different insights and opportunities for improvement through the variety of services offered by Beth Fisher-Yoshida, to be enriched by her commentary, and to gain more learning through resources based on her research, practice, and work with her colleagues.

Please enjoy, glean what you will, and feel free to reach out and chat.

Beth's latest book on negotiation

This book is amazing! It's an incredible reference and tool for women to easily learn how to advocate for themselves. She teaches us to remove our fears that limit our success in our life. Dr Fisher-Yoshida coaches women to learn how to shut down their internal noise and learn to gain empowerment.

In the Media

The Good Men Project

The responsibility for women improving their negotiation skills is not only on women. Others can serve as allies by checking their assumptions and paving the way for being supportive. Please read my latest blog on how gender assumptions play a role in our negotiations.

Business Magazine: Are You Triggered Just Thinking About Negotiation?

Many of us have not had good experience with previous negotiations and so when we hear the word,”negotiation,” it triggers negative feelings. It also can make us not want to engage and then we lose out on the potential of what a good negotiation can bring. Here are some tips on how to turn those negative associations into positive ones.

Negotiate Anything Podcast on LinkedIn Understanding Values and Identity: Embracing Nuances in Negotiations with Beth Fisher-Yoshida

I am in conversation with host Kwame Christian about negotiation, inclusion, and taking care of yourself during your negotiation. We touch on a variety of topics including creating space for dialogue and being better prepared to have difficult conversations.

Leadership Beyond Borders

Culture plays a role in all of our communication, including how we negotiate. Our perceptions of ourselves and others and their perceptions of us based on our cultural orientations can get in the way of how effectively we negotiate. And leaders have a particularly strong influence by how they set the tone. Please have a listen to my conversation with Kimberli J. Lewis on the topic.

Resilience Unraveled

Who can’t use a little more resilience to weather their storms? Please have a listen to my conversation with Dr. Russell Thackeray on the topic.

Upcoming Events

Sep 11th

Medellin, Colombia

Feria del Libros, Book and Culture Festival of Medellin

Beth’s presentation and workshop at the book fair will be “Becoming a Better Negotiator: Based on Beth’s New Book, ‘New Story, New Power: A Woman’s Guide to Negotiation.” If you will be in Medellin on this day, please stop by!

Sep 19th

New York City

Women in Cable Television (WICT)

Beth will be speaking at the WICT Network Leadership COnference, Co-Create the Future, the morning of September 19th. It is a conference geared toward women in media, entertainment and technology. Her workshop will be,
Negotiating for Success: Relationships, Careers and a Brighter Future.”

Oct 5-6th

Zurich, Switzerland

The N Conference

This year’s theme is Managing Risks and Beth’s presentation will be, “Negotiation and Conflict Resolution: The Stories We Tell.” Beth will talk about narratives and the influence they have on our negotiating ability, especially in crisis situations. She will also be a panelist at the conference, sponsored in partnership between the Schranner Institute and Forbes, “She’s the Negotiator.”

Recent Events

July 25th

Beth was hosted at El Externado University in Bogota, Colombia to present her book, New Story, New Power: A Woman’s Guide to Negotiation. She then participated on a panel with some dynamic Colombian women, working in a variety of industries, discussing negotiation successes, challenges and strategies to resolve them.

Aug 3rd

Beth was speaking at EAFIT University in Medellín, Colombia in conversation with the Dean of the School of Administration. There was a lively audience interaction on the topic of women and negotiation.

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