New Story, New Power

A podcast series hosted by Beth with special guests

Gayatri Shenai

Gayatri is a partner in the New York office of McKinsey & Company, a management consulting firm. In this conversation, Gayatri shares much wisdom she has gleaned over the years through her own learning initiatives and from working with clients. She talks about the need for a positive mindset from the beginning, so you can build your self-esteem for a negotiation. She also talks about the value of having a good mentor and to practice role paying for your upcoming negotiation, what I refer to as “scenario planning,” in my book, New Story, New Power.

Meggie Palmer

Meggie Palmer, the founder of PepTalkHer, joins me today for a stimulating discussion on the challenges women face when negotiating fair and equitable compensation. Meggie began her career as a journalist and through her own professional experiences and those of the women around her, she knew there has to be a better way. So Meggie left journalism and founded PepTalkHer, to prepare women to build confidence as they ask for what they deserve. She may have left journalism, but she brings that investigative lens to the work she does empowering women.

Mari K Eder

Mari K Eder is a Retired Major General in the US Army. Since her retirement, she took up writing and has published many books, including her most recent one, “The Girls Who Stepped Out of Line.” She has a new book coming out in 2023. Mary K shared many insights from her long history of negotiating in the workplace. Some of the highlights she shared were about the framework she uses in preparing for her negotiations, the intricacies of public communication, and communicating across difference.