Over the years, Beth has coached many mid- and senior-level executives who want to enhance their performance in the workplace, the majority being women. Some of the areas they have worked on together include improving communication skills, preparing for negotiations, dealing effectively with emotions, preparing for promotions and new career moves, and excelling in organizational change. Coaching is usually done 1:1 and can also be done in small groups. Coaching packages include an initial assessment and a commitment of 10 customized coaching sessions, that are 60-90 minutes each


We all have a need for continuous improvement. The workplace is changing from day to day, we communicate with diverse groups of people, and if we want to advance in our careers, we need to have the mindset of a learner. There is always room for improvement because we negotiate with different people, about different issues, at different times, and we are not the same in all of these scenarios. Beth is a skilled trainer who has 30+ years of delivering a variety of workshops globally, across industries, to multicultural audiences. Her areas of expertise include negotiation, communication, conflict resolution and leadership. After a potential client contacts Beth, there is an initial intake call. She drafts a proposal to frame the nature and scope of the work,which usually includes a needs assessment, development of customized workshops, and delivery. In some instances, clients have asked for follow-up reports. Workshops can be one or more 90-minute modules, one or more days, online using Zoom, or face-to-face.


There are times when groups gather for meetings or retreats and have a full agenda to accomplish. This requires a skilled facilitator to guide the process, including time management, so all agenda items are covered and the meeting or retreat objectives are achieved. It usually involves managing group dynamics, so there is equitable participation, including needing to resolve disagreements on occasion. Beth has facilitated small groups of 4-6 people, mid-size groups of 20 participants, to large groups of up to 100 participants. She has worked globally and brings cultural sensitivity and the different participants needs to all of her facilitation.

Conflict Resolution

We all need to interact with others and sometimes these situations can get sticky. It is difficult to get work done or accomplish bigger goals, when our interpersonal relationships are challenging. Research shows that when there is conflict in any team or organization, work productivity goes down. This directly affects the bottom line and the quality of life in the workplace. Absenteeism and turnover increase causing morale to go down. Beth has the knowledge and skills to intervene in these situations. She conducts a confidential needs assessment so that all members directly and indirectly affected by the conflict, can share their concerns and experience in the workplace. She designs a customized intervention, which may include building more effective communication and conflict resolution skills, facilitating meetings, facilitating a retreat, and developing an action plan with ongoing coaching to support the changes.


Beth is a storyteller and communicates with humor and clarity. She has been asked to speak and deliver keynotes in front of many different types of audiences including company retreats, conferences, workshops, podcasts and webinars. Topics she speaks on include negotiation, women’s leadership, communication and intercultural communication, team and organizational dynamics and conflict resolution.