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How Can Women Become Better Negotiators?

By Eve Glasberg

In her new book, Beth Fisher-Yoshida shares steps for disrupting negative narratives and channeling positive outcomes.

Crafting Solutions to Conflict

hosted by Jane Beddall

It was wonderful having a conversation with a colleague in a similar space of alternative dispute resolution and looking at the role of gender and negotiation.

Getting Down To Business

hosted by Shalom Klein

In this brief conversation we touch on several key points business leaders need to take into consideration to run more successful businesses.

EPN Podcast

Host Eric Dye and I discuss how Ibecome interested in the topic of women and negotiation, key findings from my research, and more about gender and negotiation.

KTS Success Factor: Podcast for Women

On this podcast I had a conversation with the host, Sarah Brown, about tips for negotiating compensation, which you look at more broadly than only being about the money.

The Kathryn Zox Show

Host Kathryn Zox and I discuss communication, negotiation, and ways in which women can be empowered in work environments when gender has an impact.

Entrepreneur Canada

3 strategies for negotiating relationships:

  1. identify the relationship you want to have
  2. listening to your negotiation partner
  3. take the initiative

I want what SHE has podcast

In this podcast I speak with Theresa Widmann, the host, about the strengths and challenges women have negotiating. We explore narratives, how our brains hold patterns of behavior, and strategies to change our stories to become better negotiators.


In this interview we touch upon several aspects of negotiation, such as taking a competitive or collaborative stance, creating healthier negotiations and 3 tips to try to improve your negotiations.

The Magic Pen

See book review for “New Story, New Power,” selected as Book of the Month for January!

Contagious Confidence podcast

The host, Katie Hawkes, and I talk about why women might fear the word “negotiation,” how it decreases their self confidence, and some tips on how to build their negotiating confidence back up again.

Book Launch Video link

For those of you who were not able to attend the book launch at Columbia University on February 16th, here is a link to the video recording. 

Hollywood Digest book review

Fisher-Yoshida writes an unusually introspective passage for a leadership or business advice book. But she does it in a way that doesn’t feel corny or diverting, rather it only strengthens the material in more ways than one, particularly as it’s pertinent to the specific focus on gender’s influence on female negotiators in the workplace….

Small and Medium Business News Network

How many times have you thought you were negotiating with someone but were actually having a monologue with yourself? Learn more about how to engage while interacting with your negotiation partner.


We can determine the outcomes of our negotiations before we even sit at the table, just by focusing on the stories we tell ourselves about who we are as negotiators. Learn more about how to change those stories to be confidence boosters.

SWITCH the Conversation

A look at how we negotiate and the gender influences that shape our approaches.

YFS Magazine - Confessions (and Lessons) From An Expert Negotiator

Leverage these tips to create better negotiating experiences—or, at the very least, to neutralize the negative connotations.

Green.org - How to Deal with Conflict and Negotiation

Beth Fisher-Yoshida shares her passion for educating people about how to deal with conflict and negotiation.

Good Day Orange County

Successful Relationships Require Thoughtful, Loving Negotiation Skills with Beth Fisher-Yoshida. She is here today to talk about her new book, New Story, New Power: A Woman’s Guide to Negotiation (Bold Story Press; January 2023), to help women of all ages make successful negotiations a reality – and influence our relationships – which are truly a series of successful negotiations.